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To order the trilingual site in Turkmenistan

To order the trilingual site in Turkmenistan

(Ask the multilingual sites in Turkmenistan - Russian, English, Turkmen languages)
Design can you show us an example (a website online), but the same site will not develop, as it would be copyright infringement, but you can take it as an example of the site that the designer focused on him in terms of style.

To develop such a site is possible within the framework of the tariff plan Business "custom design Turkmen website"

The cost of developing the site included:

* Site capacity up to 450 pages, the modules including: Page text, HTML page, HTML text, XML site Map, site Search, news, Articles, Email Us Form, FAQ, Site Map, Users (module registration), Surveys, Coupon, photo Gallery, photo Gallery with albums, Page with files.

* The content of the first pages of the website (up to 10 PCs) that you send us information about your activities

* Content management system (CMS) for self-editing of site content

* The domain name the 2nd level, view www.lang.
YourSite.ru - as a GIFT! (Or attach Your, if any)

* 20 E-Mail addresses
* Registration in searching systems Yandex.ru, Google.com, Mail.ru

* Installation free counter statistics website traffic Liveinternet.ru

* Accommodation (hosting) site on the Internet with the provision of a control system of site - YEAR free!

* Advisory support regarding the website and system administration via phone, email and chat (13 hours x 7 days a week)

Also, I would like to agree with You on additional modules, we have identified on the website http://ashgabat2017.gov.tm/, cost of implementation which will be considered separately from the cost of developing the site:

1. The cost of connecting fixed menu when scrolling through the site. – 150 Manat

2. The countdown timer in the block. The cost of connection will be – 240 Manat

After connecting via the content management system you can set the timer and edit the text in the box with the meter.

3. Glider in the filling (like http://ashgabat2017.gov.tm/page/Oyunlar-Olimpiya-shaherchesi-Metbugat-merkezli-800-orunlyk-myhmanhana-we-450-orunlyk-wip-myhmanhanasy)

The cost of connecting the glider is 450 manats.

The price does not include collection, processing and placement of images, i.e. You will need to prepare and host the images in the slider itself. After connecting the slider in the control, System will be available for special block through which you will be able to post pictures in the slider.

4. Connect one language version of the site on the subdomain site types: www.версия.сайт.ru 600 manat.

The price 600 Manat, includes connection for the sub-site on the subdomain, for example, versions (en.domain.ru) etc. will be placed version of the site in other language (copy of website).

If you want to connect 2 versions English and Turkmen, the cost will be 1200 manat.

As part of the cost of connection language, version of buttons-icons to switch between basic and language versions will be posted at the top of the website.

In the control, system will be three links at the main office of the Russian version and additional separately: English, Turkmen. You can create the necessary partitions in a foreign language and place the information (the cost of connection language versions do not include the translation of texts and their placement on the website).

Website design for language versions will be the same as on the primary.

If you want to make a translation of the text in English, then you can send the information to us - we will determine the cost of translation and localization of materials.

Please note that the translation of the website into another language not included in the price.

We can provide you with a separate interface to enter the translation of the message of website to the desired language.

Alternatively, do it for some money (with the exception of the English version, it is ready).

Thus, the website development cost will be the cost of the website Business "custom design" and cost additional work (which should be implemented on the website, identify you).

1. The creation of a website on a Business "custom design" from 1500 manat (the exact cost of the report after submitting the file).

2. The countdown timer in the block – 240 manat.

3. Glider – 450 manat.

4. 2 additional language versions – 1200 Manat.

5. Install our webmaster your submissions – 1100 Manat

Total: 4490 Manat, if all the translations of your texts.

Translation software in the Turkmen language can make together with you or we will give you a list of words that you provide to us is already in Turkmen.

Interface in English we have.

If You have a little language versions, please contact us, we will be able to add:

As already mentioned above - one language version of the site on the subdomain site types: www.lang.
YourSite.ru is 600 manats for each additional language version.

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